Adam Levy

Adam Levy is the songwriter you wish you were. He’s the songwriting equivalent of a strong pimp hand in the street-hustle game and when he plays… he wields that pimp hand with no mercy.
Adam has a lyrical and playing ability well beyond many of his contemporaries. He goes deep. Deep into those places most just read about in those books they sell you intended to help you realize your full potential under the bullshitic pretense of self awareness. Levy’s a story teller. A sage of sorts. He’s the guy you root for in those old black and white movies that you can’t step away from as you acknowledge…somewhat begrudgingly… that they really made better movies back then. He’s an uncommon and unlikely hero. But make no mistake, he is a hero.

With tales of seduction, loss, and spiritual searching…The Mighty Mr. L. underscores his brilliant lyric writing with a playing style that illustrates the perfect aural motif to effectively convey the virtual screenplay of his songs.
Where most mediocre songwriters cut corners with their 3 chord limitations hoping for an audience to celebrate them for just trying their best, Adam delivers an underlying musicality that brings home the bacon. Due in large part to his tremendous command of musical theory, Levy never fails to impress and entertain. He is a true master of the open chord dream-scape. However, ascribing musical education and practice entirely to what Adam Levy does fails to fully recognize the unique artistry he possesses. He’s the guy you go to when you need your own song tweaked. When you have that unfinished couplet in dire need of the perfect profound truth to mesmerize and bedazzle the wanna-be’s and the pseudo-connoisseurs of song. He’s your ambassador to the neo-pretentious scenesters who fancy themselves a cut above. He is an ever-present reminder to them all that they are barely qualified to carry his guitar case on a rainy Manhattan night.

“Is it really a sin to dance with the devil’s identical twin” Levy sings on one of the stand out tracks from his recent Heart Collector release. Many of us ask ourselves the same question, though perhaps not so eloquently, as real world issues of right and wrong constantly confront us at the crossroads of our existence. Adam… is the hood ornament on the Cadillac of life.

Not to overstate the obvious but Adam Levy is a Golem… embodying that same mystical medieval magic that hovered above the cobble-stoned villages of the old world. He’s the man you seek out to pose the questions of the ages to…. knowing that even if he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll sing you a sweet little diddy that will, at the very least, let you take your mind off of your problems if only for a little while.